The RM-80 provides reliable and secure high-speed wireless Ethernet connectivity across a broad range of applications in process and automation plants. It is very well suited for connection to PLC’s, HMI, DCS, data acquisition, video devices and industrial PC’s. The RM-80 has an Ethernet port (10/100 BaseT) as well as two serial ports (RS-232 and RS-485) and on-board I/O for local and remote link status, or external status transfer. The data rate can be set between 7.2 kbit/s and 76.8 kbit/s or auto rate selection. The RM-80 has been designed and built for demanding industrial applications. A High RF output and superior receiver sensitivity gives excellent penetration in congested industrial environments, through buildings, factory walls and steelwork. The RM-80 is equipped with an SMA coaxial antenna connector and can be used with a wide variety of different antennas. The receiver sensitivity will allow a line-ofsight range of 5km. The Repeater functionality can increase the wireless range even further.

  • Industrial Strength 869 MHz
  • Temperature range –۴۰°C to 60°C
  • Access Point, Client/Station and Repeater
  • ۱۰/۱۰۰ BaseT RJ45, IEEE 802.3 compliant.
  • Bridge/router functions for Ethernet protocols
  • RS-232 V.24 DCE 1.2 to 115.2 Kb/s
  • RS-485 1.2 to 115.2 Kb/s
  • On-board I/O for link status or external
  • ۱۲۸-bit AES encryption and WEP encryption
  • Firewall protection using MAC Address filtering
  • Redundancy using automatic changeover at Access Point
  • Configuration via web-browser
  • Remote configuration via the wireless link.
  • Password protected configuration

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