The TD-29 can be used for point to point or multidrop applications connecting equipment supporting either an RS-232 or RS-422/485 interface. The modem is designed for communication on 2-wire copper cable (twisted pair). The TD-29 will support half duplex at baud rates up to 19 200 bit/s. When connecting in multidrop configurations the maximum number of units that can be connected on the bus and the maximum bus length depends on the line quality. At 9 600 bit/s it is possible to reach 10 km with up to 10 units. TD-29 is designed to be used on dedicated lines.

مشخصات فنی

  • Transmission rate up to 19 200 bit/s
  • For fieldbus applications i.e. Profibus
  • Point to point or multidrop applications
  • RS-232 and RS-422/485 interface
  • Watchdog
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Transient protection
  • Data format up to 11 bits
  • AC-/DC-supply

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