he LD-01 is used in multidrop applications when a large numbers of units have to communicate with a main computer; for example in access control systems, weigh-scale systems or other types of measurement and data acquisition solutions. The LD-01 can be connected to equipment that uses the RS-232/V.24 interface. Westermo’s ±۱۰ mA balanced current loop (W1) transmission technique makes it possible to transmit data up to 18 km at low data rates. At shorter ranges transmission rates up to 38.4 kbit/s can be achieved. The LD-01 is also available in a ”by-pass” version. This model ensures that if a modem in the multidrop network should fail that modem will be by-passed, hence not effecting the communications between other units on the network.

مشخصات فنی

  • ۳۵ mm DIN-rail mounting
  • Used for long distance communication in multidrop networks
  • RS-232/V.24 interface
  • ”By-pass” function available
  • Protects connected units from lightning/transients
  • Units provide totally transparent data communications
  • Very low delay time through units
  • Used to connect equipment on different earth potentials
  • Guarantees reliable long-distance communication


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